Perhaps the most appealing part of starting a new year is the opportunity to pause and reflect in a seemingly more significant way than before

The possibility and potential it holds are both enchanting and encouraging

The entire year, no doubt has been filled with moments of pause and reflection, and yet the end of the year feels like the most pivotal opportunity to put a bow on what was, and move into what will be

Death & Birth are so abundantly present throughout our lives. We let die what was, so that we can make way for the birth of what is to come

The death of our single lives, equals the birth of our committed relationship

A death of how we once related and operated in the world, equals our birth into parenthood

The death of our fear equals the birth of our freedom

Yet, rather than eliminating parts of who we are entirely, can we manage to thread them through with appreciation, grace and gratitude?

Becoming curious about who we are and how we move through life on Earth in these bodies, is so captivating when done with this mindfulness of equilibrium

Life becomes so much sweeter, and quite frankly, much easier, when we bridge together our worlds, rather than burn the bridges

Using single and commitment as an example then, what if they were two sides of the same coin? One giving significance and context to the other. A relationship of illuminating value and stake, where without the other there would be less of an understanding or appreciation for either.

Aren’t the best relationships those that honour both individuals, and come together in mutual choice and show up as whole selves? With full awareness of a self that encompasses both “single” and “commitment” and can live and love in the place where they stand

In keeping with this example, should we approach our choice with intention, and make way for what our hearts are open to, we then can inform where we’re going, from where we have been

The former dances with the latter, there’s gratitude for where we have been as much as for where we are, and for where we are going

Be kind and soft and silent and still

Move forward in trust of something grand and intentional at play and our own willingness to co-create along with it

May we approach the coming year with such insight

May we bless, thank, honour and celebrate where we have been. to give true context to where we are going

May we recognize that the moment is always here and now, ripe and ready for our awareness and participation

May we laugh with joy and hearts wide open as we plan and strategize and fumble and fall

May we marry it with alignment, surrender, courage and faith

May the fall make the rise that much sweeter, knowing where we’ve been and what we have learned

Let us not cast aside 2019 and dash into 2020, but dance our way through with the lessons and love and appreciation and courage and oh, the gratitude

For wherever we have been, is where we are, and where we are going, we are already there – here and now

Whole and well