Alia Francisco

Alia Francisco


In 2010, when I became pregnant for the first time. I Immediately began collecting data on all the best practices for creating a healthy, happy baby. It all felt purposeful and joyous. This baby was going to have the very best start. A huge component for me, of the very best start, included childbirth. How would this baby enter into the world? My sister, two years’ prior, had a beautiful home-birth with the support of her midwives. The image of her snuggled in her own bed, newborn in arms and doting hubby bedside, is a poignant memory to this day. I wanted this type of birth!

The hypnobirthing classes my husband and I attended helped us to dispel many of the false perceptions and beliefs of home-births.

We were given tools to help us navigate throughout the last bit of pregnancy and to apply during birth. Instead of giving way to fearful thoughts of delivery. I felt powerful, supported and most of all capable.

I remember all 3 of my births fondly. When that certainty of labour came on, I’d slip into an alternate state. Visualization techniques, awareness of breath, mantras; “my baby and my body know exactly what to do.” I wasn’t “trying” to have a good labour or birth, more accurately, I just wasn’t resisting it. When the sensation came on to bare down and birth my babies, I felt like I was receiving the rewards of my labour. I was in the zone, it felt amazing!

I know that for me a natural birth was the way to go. It wasn’t something that I wanted to defend to others. It was something I cherished and wanted to celebrate with the ones who didn’t need convincing. No two births look alike. One woman’s choice may certainly not be that of another’s, but the point is to have the choice. To be informed and to feel like a collaborator in your own experience, with the support of our medical practitioners. I became passionate about supporting women through this discovery and experience.

Every birth is a miracle. Every mom is a hero. We all deserve to be treated this way, with respect and admiration through the process. Consulted every step of the way, a capable collaborator in our own story of giving birth.

In 2015 I became a Doula practitioner. Then in 2016 I received my HypnoBirthing certification. When I became certified I started my company. The name MOLO was inspired from “MOther’s LOve” and this is at the core of the brand. Committed to joining with women in their experience from bump, baby and beyond, I came up with ways of offering support to all the mothers out there. With the same inclination of the thoughtful care and precision received during labour, I wanted you to feel that same support afterward. I know this next stage comes with it’s own set of unique joys and challenges. So, as a Maternity Specialist, I’ve taken care of these small little details, so that you can focus on the most important one.

After all, we know nothing compares to a MOther’s LOve!



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